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About us

Inland Logistics Africa was set up in 2018 to provide cross-border transportation and logistics services to international companies and clients throughout the Southern African Region.The Company provides professional, cost-efficient and reliable transportation and logistics services, in conjunction with its renowned and reputable sub-contractors.

We are highly committed and dedicated to the success of our Customers, Partners and Employees.


Our mission is to provide a one stop shop with high quality services for all transport and logistics within the Southern African Region.


We pride ourselves on our high ethical standards, integrity, reliability, proactivity and open communication channels. We aim to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships.


Satellite Tracking 

All our subcontractors' trucks are fitted with state of the art 24 hour Satellite Tracking. This provides us with control and you with visibility at all times.


We ensure that all our sub-contractors are compliant with legislation, have the required licences and permits. 


We conduct regular audits to maintain high quality Health, Safety and Environmental standards and ensure they comply with international Anti-Corruption norms. 

United Arab Emirates

Inland Logistics Africa endeavours to be a leader on the African continent and we align ourselves with the business principles that UAE provides.


As an established jurisdiction, UAE is well positioned and has earned the trust of global investors in ensuring financial regulation, stability and transparency. We strive to continually keep up with global trends of compliance and business principles and ethics.

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